Additional Pathways for Eligibility

Date Posted: 
March 23, 2015

At the February Governing Board meeting, the Board approved additional pathways for certification making the process of achieving the CRSP®/PSAC® one step easier for applicants who hold a university degree.

Applicants can now choose pathway A, B or C based on the specific requirements set forth by the Board. Pathway A is the existing eligibility criteria. Pathway B is for applicants who have a four year Occupational Health and Safety university degree. Pathway B applicants are no longer required to possess additional professional development (Factor 2). Applicants holding a four year non-OHS university degree must also have a two-year certificate or college diploma in OHS, in order to forgo the professional development requirement under Pathway C.

All applicants must still score the minimum 150 points required, in order to be eligible for certification, have three years of full-time OHS work experience and be currently employed in OHS, prior to submitting the application.

The additional pathways are effective immediately and can be seen, in detail, on the website. When completing the application form applicants must clearly outline the specific pathway they’ve opted to pursue, and provide the necessary documentation. 

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