CRSP Certification Process - Overview

Administration of the certification process rests with the Qualifications Review Committee (QRC). Only those who meet all the necessary requirements will be certified as CRSPs/PSACs. 

There are seven stages in the certification process.

Stage 1 - Application
The first stage consists of the submitting an application. The application form is obtained through the website. The application form includes the application, reference questionnaire, practice questionnaire and professional experience form. Once your application is received and initially processed, you will then have access to some study guide material for the CRSP® Examination.

Stage 2 - Evaluation
Applications are reviewed at set intervals by the Qualifications Review Committee (QRC). The QRC reviewer will evaluate the material presented by an applicant and establish that all documents are present: application form, supporting documentation, Reference Questionnaire (1) and Practice Questionnaire (1) and conduct an assessment to allocate points for each section of the application.

Stage 3 - Interview
After initial assessment of your application, approved files proceed to the interview stage. The Regional Screening Centre (RSC) interview is a verification process of the Qualifications Review.

Stage 4 - Examination
The CRSP® Examination (CRSPEX) is the final stage of the eligibility process. Candidates must successfully pass the CRSPEX in order to be eligible to be a CRSP®/PSAC®.

Stage 5 - Board Approval
Upon successful completion of the CRSPEX, the QRC recommends candidates to the Governing Board for approval.

Stage 6 - Confirmation
Once the Governing Board has approved the recommended candidates, and the candidate has returned applicable dues and a signed/witnessed Code of Ethics to the BCRSP office, the Governing Board confirms CRSP®/PSAC® designation and the certificate of registration is issued. 

Stage 7 - CRSP®/PSAC®
Once you have obtained your CRSP®/PSAC® certification, continuing practice, annual renewal and participation in the Board’s certification maintenance program (CMP) are required to maintain the CRSP®/PSAC®.